Ascent’s Construction Site Preparation services begin with land clearing on the construction site so that infrastructure digs and building can begin unimpeded.

Highly experienced

Site Prep / Excavating Services

  • Land clearing

  • Excavation for builders
  • Utility infrastructure

  • Home & building pad construction

  • Infrastructure improvements
  • Erosion control and site mitigation

  • Street, roadway and driveway construction

  • Snow removal, emergency response & slide repair

  • Demolition

  • and more!

Land Clearing

  • Tree, stump & root ball removal
  • Grading


  • Excavation for residential and commercial developments
  • Grading to ensure surface area is flat, level and free of debris
  • Optimal Back fill selection – trench compaction, flowable fill

Utility Infrastructure

Trenching for integral site utility structural support systems:

  • utility lines including electrical conduits
  • water line trenching
  • sanitary septic or sewer systems
  • drain pipes and storm sewers
  • storm water structures with storage facilities
  • joint utility work
  • pool and pond digging

Home or Building Pad Construction

  • Footing formation to exact blueprint specifications
  • Fine Grading to ensure surface area is clean and level to lay the foundation on

Erosion Control

  • Erosion control grading
  • Soil Stabilization
  • Site Mitigation

Street, Roadway and Driveway Construction

  • Ditch digging for erosion control
  • Topsoil, road mix and gravel hauling and delivery
  • Spreading, compacting and grading
  • Road and driveway improvements